Our Jerky

Friday Harbor House of Jerky specializes in delicious, all-natural jerky.

The largest, most exotic selection of the best, highest quality jerky, comes from Friday Harbor House of Jerky. Our jerky is made the old-fashioned way, sliced from lean, whole, premium meats. It is not ground, chopped, processed, nor formed into strips.

Friday Harbor House of Jerky products are always made fresh, with no preservatives (like sulfates & nitrates), and no MSG added. Our superior flavor starts with our quality cuts of non-processed meats, followed by our ‘seasoning & marinating’ process, along with our perfected drying times, finished by a vacuum seal — which locks in our delectable jerky flavors for 12 months — our family recipe.

Friday Harbor House of Jerky provides customers all over the Pacific Northwest with a variety of jerky products, in multiple sizes, and various flavors, including: beef (top round & brisket), buffalo, venison, elk, kangaroo, wild boar, alligator, snapping turtle, python, rabbit, salmon, tuna, trout, shark, swordfish, pork, bacon, turkey, biltong, beef sticks, and more – not your average snacks.

Friday Harbor House of Jerky products are made from Grade A, USDA inspected meats, with no preservatives or additives. We take great pride in providing what we think is, “The best jerky in any house”!

In addition, House of Jerky is committed to supporting American troops through numerous donation campaigns and discounts for soldiers worldwide.

What originally started as a roadside jerky business, sparked by a desire to share the best tasting jerky in the world, has blossomed into so much more for Friday Harbor House of Jerky.  Come see us in our store in Friday Harbor, or at some of the over 150 events we participate in around Washington State.

Jerky — Its a way of life!

Jerky Assortment

Beef Jerky:
• Natural
• Black Pepper
• Hot
• Teriyaki
• Sweet & Spicy
• Chipotle Bourbon
• Cajun
• Ghost Pepper

Turkey Jerky:
• Black Pepper
• Teriyaki

Bacon Jerky:
• Habanero
• Peppered Maple Brown Sugar

Pork Jerky:
• Sweet & Spicy
• Maple

Buffalo Jerky
• Black Pepper
• Teriyaki
• Hot

Elk Jerky
• Black Pepper
• Teriyaki

Smoked Salmon Jerky
• Black Pepper
• Garlic
• Jalapeno

Salmon Jerky
• Black Pepper
• Teriyaki

Rainbow Trout Jerky

Mako Shark Jerky

Lemon Pepper Swordfish Jerky

Ahi Tuna Jerky
• Black Pepper
• Teriyaki

Wild Boar Jerky

Kangaroo Jerky

Venison Jerky

Alligator Jerky

Snapping Turtle Jerky

Python Jerky

Whiskey Rabbit Jerky