Jerky Facts & Origins

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1. The definition of jerky is meat that has been cut into long, thin strips and dried.  Jerky is a means to preserve meat without refrigeration.

2. Traditionally meat was dried and/or smoked and/or salted. Using a dry rub, or using a Brine, are other techniques used to marinate the meat to add flavor prior to drying.

3. Although beef is the most common type of jerky, one can also find jerky from wild game such as venison, elk, caribou, moose, kangaroo and any other meat.

4. The origin of the word Jerky is from Native American “Charqui” which means “to burn meat”, this is before stoves, and before we were able to use fire, we could preserve meat before we could cook it.  So, the word burnt was not used the same as today.

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5. Jerky quality varies greatly and depends on the choice of meat, the cut of meat, the diet of the meat, the preservatives, the rub or brine, the spice or flavor set, the drying time, the packaging, and the technique used.

6. There are many jerky-like products that consist of highly processed, chopped and formed meat, rather than traditional sliced, whole muscle-cut meat. Processed meat jerky is sub-par, and not true jerky (by definition).

7. The House of Jerky uses very lean cuts of meat; fat causes more rapid spoilage. In cheap products with high fat and water content, many chemicals are added as preservatives to prevent spoilage and extend shelf life — Not in our jerky!

8. 1 pound (16 ounces) of muscle-cut beef yields roughly 4 ounces of jerky.  Python meat is about 90% water; so, python jerky only retains about 11% (1.5 ounces) of its weight once dried!  Jerky is the only food industry that works 3 days to lose 75%, or more, of their beginning food source, then sells it at market for full weight market rates.

9. Nutritionally, jerky is low in fat and high in protein.  Our traditional beef jerky is 1 gram of sugar per ounce, and 12 grams of protein per ounce.  So eating a 3-4 ounce bag of jerky results in the same amount of protein as eating a 1 pound steak!

10. Jerky is astronaut food!  NASA has been providing Space shuttle crews this lightweight high protein treat — Jerky — since the mid-nineteen nineties.