Jerky Support

Friday Harbor House of Jerky dishes out Jerky Support:

OUR KIDS are our future.

OUR MILITARY works to protect that future.

Around the world, in the most extreme circumstances, our kids learn about, and our military defends, our freedom to pursue health & happiness.

OUR KIDS —  Ask about our under 18 discounts!  We are sponsors for the Clark College Jazz Fest, we also participate in the Kent’s Meridian Valley Country Club’s Seattle Children’s Hospital Holiday Benefit, and many other events that promote the well-being of our youth.

OUR MILITARY — In addition to our participation among many events inside Washington State. We are ‘Base Support’ for JBLM on Armed Forces Day and the 4th of July, and we participate in many events around Bremerton, like Port Orchards Hometown Holiday Benefit, and Oak Harbor’s Old Fashioned 4th of July.  House of Jerky is committed to supporting our American troops through numerous donation campaigns, shipping to FPOs and APOs,  and giving discounts to soldiers worldwide.

What originally started as a roadside jerky business, sparked by a desire to share the best jerky in the world, with as many people as possible, has blossomed into so much more for Friday Harbor House of Jerky…

JERKY — Its a way of life!

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